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Rule 1

Keep bragging limited - we all know your company just received $200 billion in funding and has an office that Mark Zuckerberg is jealous of. At the end of the day, unless you just cured cancer, your company is just like the rest of us.

Rule 2

Collaborate - use your positions to help others. It’s linked to the point above, but worth noting that you can share great ideas, great insights, good products etc. If we work together, it makes all our lives easier.

Rule 3

Be responsible with what you are sharing, but remember that this is a trusting community. Information shared here should not be used in anger elsewhere if its confidential. Please use the [confidential] tag if necessary.

Rule 4

No racism, sexism, or courting or preaching or slander allowed (seriously, instant bans dished out for this). If you do or are any of these things you'll be thrown out. Discussions here are often frank and forthright. No one who is malicious has been allowed into the room - if you have a problem with an individual raise it via PM to one of Yasar Ahmad or Shiraz Naqvi. Don’t start an ugly flame war.

Rule 5

No selling. Just because you’re getting a backhander from, it doesn’t mean you should let that cloud your opinion of a product. Even if it’s a good product, share it, but don’t sell it.

Rule 6

Use the channels on slack. They are there for a reason and it helps us to keep everything tidy and searchable. If it's about a tool put it in the #tools channel. If you need a new channel suggest it 🙂

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“This is a nice group of people. All focusing on supporting each other. If you’re looking for jobs, advice on code. Ideas or just to meet like minded people.” 

Shiraz Naqvi - Talent Partner

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